What is the full cost of a Begin Digital website?

For all websites, we charge only £499 (no VAT charged), which is paid upfront and includes one year domain and hosting. From then onwards, domain and hosting is charged at just £50 per year. There are no other hidden costs, and VAT will not be added to any of the costs we display. After 5 years, you will have only spent a total of £699 on your website.

What makes Begin Digital different?

A lot of website companies who offer low cost websites make you do all the work from start to finish. Here at Begin Digital, we don’t think you should have to do all the hard work yourself. That’s why we take out the hassle, stress and time and will build your website for you so that you can focus on your business while we focus on your website.

We also provide every client with their own dedicated Begin Website Manager to help them build, maintain and grow their website long term and help our clients continually find new customers online.

Are your Designs just templates?

Our designs are similar to templates, but instead of being fixed, rigid templates that are impossible to customise, our designs are customised specifically for your business by our web development team. This includes changing the colours, fonts, layout, text and imagery. We are proud to say all of our designs were developed in-house, entirely by us around the needs of our clients over the years and the needs of all small businesses today. Having a website that’s unique to you is very important, which is why a Begin Digital website gives you the same level of originality without the high cost of a bespoke, custom built website.

Do your websites work well on smartphones and tablets?

Yes, every single Begin Digital website is fully mobile responsive, which means it scales and resizes your website depending on the size of the screen. This means viewing and using your website on a phone or tablet will be simple and easy, and save visitors having to try and zoom in and out to read text or view images properly.

How long does it take for Begin to build my website?

All websites are completed and live within just 10 working days from the full payment being made. As long as we’ve got all of the content we need from you and your payment has been made, we’ll guarantee it’s delivered on time.

Why should I go with you as opposed to one of the bigger website providers?

Quite simply, we’re able to give you the best of both worlds. At present, you can either get a cheap website that you have to build yourself, or a custom built website that costs thousands. At Begin, we offer low cost, high quality websites and we build it for you from start to finish

We’re also a local company and are on hand to help when you need us. Other website providers often have poor support and are hard to speak to when you’re having a problem, usually because they’re based on the other side of the world. We’re committed to helping make your website a success, so we’re right around the corner and easy to contact if you need us.

How can I track how well my website is doing?

We’ll send you analytics reports every 6 months which detail how many people have visited your website and how they’ve used your website. If you’d like more in depth stats about your site’s visitors, such as their country, city and detailed usage stats, and have these sent through on a monthly basis, then you can sign up for our Maintenance Package, and also receive free changes to your website whenever you need them.

How secure is my Begin Digital website?

All websites comes with in-built security features that stop hackers from being able to access your website and inject malicious files. Cases of hacking on small websites is rare, but if that were to happen, we would clean the server, restore your website and then re-secure it.

How do I get started?

Simply visit our Get Started page and fill in the form, or if you would prefer, make a note of your favourite design and give us a call. If we don’t answer, then leave us a message and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible to run through any questions you might have and finalise the details of your new website.

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